skietzer - ENG 205

Welcome to the Chaos

This is another paragraph, even though I know how to make all of these already, and would really like to make the style even better.

I know I wasn't supposed to necessarily touch the CSS, but I enjoy working with HTML and CSS heavily, so I went and fixed some things already.

Here's a link to a cool website: Carroll University.

New game time! This one is heavily inspired from RPG-ish, and has a little more story that I like to think makes sense. :)

Here's the link: How to Train a Swordsman

There's another version of How to Train a Swordsman: LINK.

Wow! An even more updated version of the game! : God Isn't Real FINAL.

Here's a nifty little number guessing game also made for this class: Guessing Game.

A famous painting of a fallen angel by Alexandre Cabanel

Find the original website for this image here: Obelisk Art History.